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"Conforms with USGA Rules"
Decision 2012-650
Why $819 for a P&SI-EGOS putter?
Besides the incredible "feel" from milled 360° precision balancing, the P&SI-EGOS is the only putter that:
  • Guarantees an Expert Greenread EVERY putt
  • Has support for greenreading issues
  • Is a highly calibrated Surveying Instrument (SI)
  • Has its own patented Operating System
  • Has a PIN # for access to EGOS meticulous details

That's more expensive than a Scotty Cameron, why?
Because Scotty Cameron putters:
  • Have no Greenreading feature whatsoever
  • Are not Surveying Instruments of any kind
  • Offer no Greenread tech support
  • And finally, back to the "Truth" quote:

"Even the best Scotty Cameron putter won't get the job done
if you haven't read the green properly."
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All rights reserved
Coming soon to a PGA Tour event near you!
Yeah I know, it's crazy money for a putter!  Yet, a bargain for a new Surveying Instrument.
The P&SI-EGOS is exactly that; plus exclusively comes with six features bulleted below.  For this kind of money, it’s PERSONAL, so let’s start by getting the grip and length you want.  Email or call any time with anything. Contact info under my mug taking another expert greenread.  With ownership, we are there for life assisting on your greenread needs. That’s right, for LIFE!

Anything includes speed, grain, alignment, feel, grip, math, positioning, guarantee, ORDERING or whatever.  Lots of info at Guest Q&A right here.  Yet, let's get to the crux - the price!  We can work on it if you are active duty or a Veteran, have kids living your dream, are in the contact list in Bubba Watson's cell; well, you get the idea.  Yep, it is personal.

So let me ask the first question. Over the ball, how will your confidence be affected knowing the perfect line for your preferred speed on EVERY putt?  P&SI-EGOS is about YOU actually making putts on a real golf course in real conditions. Heck yes, it’s personal.

Andrew (Andy) Walters & Associates
Only the P&SI-EGOS: 
• Guarantees Expert Greenreads EVERY putt thru EGOS-Expert Greenreading Operating System.  
• Exclusively comes with the world’s only patented, proven Operating System called EGOS.  
• Has FREE website support to correct “pilot error” for any greenreading issues. 
• Once learned, allows for Quick & Automatic greenreading, meaning it takes 12-seconds.
• Is a highly calibrated Surveying Instrument
• Is a classic Anser design with 360° balance for incredible feel.

EGOS uses a quick repeatable body position plus a Putting & Surveying Instrument (P&SI) putter to create a specific visual “angle/gap” for each putt during your round. This angle/gap is created from gravity, meaning ALL optical illusions are eliminated. Putt looks straight but angle/gap shows left break, better believe it goes left. On the practice green, putts are taken for varying angle/gap reads, and the exact amount of putt break for each angle/gap is memorized for the golf course. This practice green calibration automatically accounts for course conditions and preferences to ram or die putts into the cup. EGOS visually identifies even subtle one ball break. If ever get a bad greenread, solving golfers’ pilot error is free at Owner's page. Finally, if takes more than 12 seconds to read a putt, you are wasting time.

Assembled in stock are 35" stainless steel or carbon steel PVD finished with PURE grips in orange or black.  Otherwise email or call to customize your putter to fit.   Each putter has engraved Serial # for access to the EGOS Owners page lesson videos plus greenreading troubleshooting; 
Holler anytime:
eBay Search "P&SI-EGOS putter"
Demo putters Sold Out.  Contact for future demo status here; andyaugusta@bellsouth.net