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"Conforms with USGA Rules"
Decision 2012-650
Q&A (Guests)
Q1:  What causes misread greens?
Q2:  How does the P&SI-EGOS read greens?
Q3:  How is the greenread guaranteed?
Q4:  Is this plumbobbing? NO!
Q5: AJW story to Expert Greenreading
Q6: Why buy the P&SI?
Q7: The WOW factor
Q8: The dominant eye
Q9  The grain affect
Q10: Complicated?
Q11: No more slow play!
Q12: Patents & Copyrights involved?
Q13: Converting other putters
Q14: Can golfers afford a $500 putter?
Q15: In a big wind
Q16: Are Pros using the P&SI-EGOS?
Q17: ROI from your P&SI-EGOS
Q18: Buy elevator pitch
Q19: Invest elevator pitch
-------------------------------Owners Section Only-------------------------------
Qxx: EGOS Lessons 1 thru 4 (must be P&SI owner to access)
Qxx: EGOS troubleshooting (must be a P&SI owner to access)
Qxx: Why other greenread methods have issues (must be a P&SI owner to access)
Q1: Optical Illusions - the sole culprit 
A: The ONLY reason a putt is misread is because of optical illusions. Within the USGA Rules, P&SI-EGOS putters eliminate ALL optical illusions. Math proof in Owner's page. There is no other way without the use of levels, bubbles, crosshairs, markings, lens, photography or other devices, most of which are not USGA approved. So how can Pros see the line one day and get fooled the next day on the same golf course? Besides mountains and oceans causing optical illusions, there are ever-changing shadows, foliage and weather that affect greenreading day to day. All that matters not to the EGOS which eliminates ALL optical illusions regardless of terrain and weather conditions.

Q2: How does it work, how does it greenread? 
A: It starts with a Surveying Instrument and ends with the patented EGOS Expert Greenreading Operating System which is only available on this website thru purchase of the P&SI. Plus there is Q&A video support for greenreading issues and it's all "Guaranteed" because the EGOS is based on gravity, which is to say, they both always work.

Q3: How is the greenread guaranteed? 
A: Since it's based on gravity, the P&SI-EGOS guarantees an expert greenread every putt. If there is a bad greenread, (and there will be), it is pilot error! Pilot error is corrected right here at this website. We support our guarantee!

Q4: Is this plumbobbing? 
A: No! The EGOS guarantees an accurate, precise greenread EVERY single putt and there's Math to prove it in the Owners' page. Of all the plumbobbing demos I've witnessed, none have Math to back it; and none have any guarantees.

Q5: What makes A.J. Walters an Expert Greenreader?
A: I have been published in GolfTips magazine (6 pages) and have produced a Greenreading video. Yet, to make a long story short, I became frustrated reading greens and needed an expert for help. But who? Somebody that knows topography, ground slope, contours? That would be routine stuff for a Civil Engineer & Surveyor. That was me in my day job! So I treated it as any other design project, solved it, and have never been fooled reading greens since.
I simply eliminated all optical illusions.  Again, Math proof in the Owners' page.

Q6: Why buy the P&SI putter?
A: There are 4-basic items needed to make putts. 1) A quality putter; 2) an accurate greenread; 3) a good putting stroke; and 4) confidence. 1 & 2 are givens with every P&SI-EGOS. And with every perfect greenread comes confidence, which leads to a good stroke. The P&SI provides all 4-items needed to make putts. The MOST other putters offer is quality, and that would be like owning a car with only one wheel.  

Q7: Does the P&SI cause golfers to say "WOW!"
A: The putt looks straight in, but the EGOS shows a serious left break. Trusting there is a big left turn, golfers watch the ball roll into the cup thinking,  
""WOW, I had no chance making that putt without the P&SI-EGOS.""

Q8: What about the dominant eye?
A:  Forget about it. Obviously you don't want to take a read with one eye open, then another read with only the other eye open. Just do it the same everytime, and the best way to do that is NOT think about it.

Q9: What about grain?
A:  Gravity causes break. Grain is a speed factor, affecting the putt exactly the same as if the putt were downhill or uphill; only equating a shiney bermuda grass surface with downhill; and dull with uphill. Grain demo video in Owner's section. 

Q10: At first glance it seems complicated!
A: Did you see the automatic & quick greenread for a putt to win the US Open at the Home page? Once learned, using the P&SI-EGOS becomes as automatic as blinking.

Q11: Slow play & everyday golfers?
A: The P&SI-EGOS eliminates slow play on greens which golfers will embrace. Golfers emulate Pros. Inevitably ALL Pros will use the speedy P&SI-EGOS because Expert Greenreading can't be conceded to the field, which is identical to when all Pros switched from persimmon to metal woods. Pic left for those that forgot what a persimmon driver looks like.

Q12: Are Patents & Copyrights Involved?
A: Besides existing copyright protection, the EGOS is proprietary, patented Expert Greenreading Operating System developed and owned exclusively by A.J. Walters. Just like the Macintosh was a packaged deal with the Apple Operating System, the P&SI-EGOS putter is packaged with the EGOS.  Did I say patented?  
Yep -- # 8,696,496

Q13: Can other putters be converted into a Surveying Instrument?
A: No. The P&SI-EGOS is a specialized and calibrated Surveying Instrument that conforms to USGA rules (Decision 2012-650).  Any conversion attempt would make your putter nonconforming.  

Q14: A lot of golfers can not afford a $500+ putter!
A: Most golfers have many putters creating pre-owned P&SI-EGOS putters, which become affordable to the thrifty golfer. For Xmas, Fathers Day, etc., a cooperative effort gets the golfer in your family a gift that is appreciated. Buying a gift that golfers get excited about is tough! Joy is also guaranteed.. :)

Q15: What about a big wind?
A: A big wind is accounted for in the calibration session on the practice green prior to every round of golf. Make sure to do crosswind reads and putts.

Q16: Have not seen any Pros use the P&SI-EGOS?
A: Touring Pros have yet to be exposed to the P&SI-EGOS. What Pro is going to say, "Naw, I don't want an Expert Greenread every putt or incredible feel from perfect 360° balance." Obviously none. Yet, Pros deserve to be paid, so the price of the P&SI-EGOS will go up.  Buying now is advised.

Q17: ROI from your P&SI-EGOS
A: Give Expert Greenreading lessons for those too busy to learn thru video.  Plus there's equity in every P&SI-EGOS.  Send it back anytime in good shape, and a $100 is refunded, no questions asked.   
Formula for making putts:
  • a feel & look good putter
  • an accurate greenread
  • a good stroke
  • big-time confidence
The dominant eye happens naturally.
Won't eliminate optical illusions
Q18: Buy Elevator Pitch
A: P&SI-EGOS has 360° balance which means incredible feel, and keeping in mind what good is any putter if haven't read the green properly, the P&SI -EGOS is a Surveying Instrument that guarantees an Expert Greenread every putt. Cost is $500+ but even that won't last long because Pros misread greens every week on TV, will covet the Expert Greenread Guarantee; and Pros deserve to be paid to use the P&SI-EGOS which adds to the cost. 

Q19: Invest Elevator Pitch:
A: Every week on TV, Miller & McCord bloviate about Pros misreading greens. The P&SI-EGOS putter guarantees an expert greenread thus eliminating all misreads. The most efficient way to expose the P&SI-EGOS to Pros is a Tourvan demo'ing the patented EGOS at the next fifty PGA tournaments. Cost is half a million.  Lot of money, but let us put it into perspective.

You, me and 60 million other golfers own a trampoline-face driver yet may have no idea why. The reason is ALL Touring Pros use tramp drivers, retailers stock them exclusively, and you have no choice. The P&SI-EGOS putter is the next tramp driver because ALL Pros will use it.  Again, what Pro is going to say, 
"Naw, I don't want an Expert Greenread every putt and incredible feel from perfect  balance."   Obviously none!

At $500+ and 60 million golfers worldwide, the math is INSANE. 

And that is just the beginning.

Pros must use both or concede
an advantage to the field.
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