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"Conforms with USGA Rules"
Decision 2012-650
Last hole, Bubba in '14 Phoenix Open with a 5-ft putt to take Stadler to a playoff. It was a $570,000 putt! Bubba’s caddie says, “Straight-in, firm,” then Faldo chimes in, “Yeah, straight-in firm.”  Bubba agrees, yet the putt breaks left and Bubba yells at his caddie for a bad read!  Here’s the P&SI-EGOS Guarantee – Bubba sees that LEFT break! Can prove it to Bubba at that exact spot on the 18th green, “Hey Bubba, see this angle/gap you just produced with this P&SI-EGOS putter, well, that indicates left break on this 5-ft’er to tie Stadler. It’s an Optical Illusion that you, your caddie, and even Faldo thought this putt was straight. That is what EGOS does, eliminates all optical illusions, period!”  EGOS is guaranteed, quick & automatic, and once exposed to Touring Pros, will be seen routinely on TV.  
Waste Management Phoenix Open
1/30/2014 - 2/2/2014
Location: TPC Scottsdale 
#  Name                 Earnings       Rounds          Total Score 
1 Kevin Stadler     $1,116,000   65-68-67-68     268     -16    
2 Bubba Watson      $545,600   64-66-68-71     269     -15 
2 Graham DeLaet    $545,600   67-72-65-65     269     -15 
4 Hunter Mahan       $272,800   66-71-65-68     270     -14 
Furyk's misreads on 17 & 18 let Euro keep 2012 Ryder Cup.
Adam's 72nd hole misread lets Ernie win the '12 British Open. 
Some typical big-time misreads:
Other misreads:
With P&SI-EGOS, Ooosty wins this Major.