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"Conforms with USGA Rules"
Decision 2012-650
What's a SI Putter?
For Expert Greenreading every putt, the P&SI-EGOS putter functions as a Surveying Instrument (SI) establishing a highly calibrated true vertical which is an absolute requirement for EGOS execution. The putter creates this precise true vertical with the putterhead in ANY position (z-x plane) and viewed from ANY direction. Other putters cannot do this!
By holding the P&SI putter lightly with two fingers on the grip bottom at arm's length, you have a highly calibrated Surveying Instrument (SI)  showing a true vertical that's required for Expert Greenreading. The rest at EGOS Owners page.
x-hairs fall out, would you glue 'em back?
Randomly holding up other putters guarantees a skewed plumbline, which is not a true vertical. Even if other putters are rotated to a marked position that nears a one-dimensional vertical, it is still NOT calibratied to give the best possible greenread results. No exactness, no calibration will yield erratic greenreading results and no confidence!

Here's a comparison. The crosshairs in your rifle's scope get dislodged. Gluing the crosshairs back by eyeball is the same as marking a putter to be a SI.  Can't trust either for reliable results! And any SI mark on a putter is NOT USGA conforming.

Only the P&SI-EGOS is a calibrated, USGA conforming Surveying Instrument putter.
All other putters are skewed all day long! Never reliable.
Only the P&SI-EGOS creates a precise true vertical with putterhead pointing in any direction.
Expert Greenreading 
starts with a
Surveying Instrument
and ends with the
Details at:
P&SI-EGOS conforms to USGA 
Decision 2012-650