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"Conforms with USGA Rules"
Decision 2012-650
Andrew J Walters, PE
  • Published in GolfTips magazine
  • Exclusive inventor & owner of P&SI-EGOS
  • Professional Engineer (PE) & Surveyor

Other Proud Accomplishments:
  • Football scholarship at Arkansas 
  • Carried a USGA handicap index of 1.0
  • Private Pilot License
About the Inventor of the P&SI-EGOS
What makes you A.J. Walters (AJW) an Expert Greenreader?
I have been published in GolfTips magazine (6 pages) and produced a Greenread video. Yet, to make a long story short, I got frustrated reading greens and needed an expert for help. But who? Somebody that knows topography, ground slope, contours? That would be routine stuff for a Civil Engineer & Surveyor. That was me in my day job. So I treated it as any other design project, solved it, and have never been fooled reading greens since. Oh yeah, there's Math to prove it in the Owners' EGOS page.

What is AJW offering?
AJW is offering to all golfers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE of an accurate, Expert Greenread on EVERY putt, that once learned, is very quick and eliminates slow play on greens. It's all shown in short video lessons. This guarantee comes with the purchase of the P&SI-EGOS putter which allows website access to the patented EGOS video lessons and Q&A technical support. 

What is AJW NOT selling?
AJW is NOT selling plumbobbing, which has no basis in science & math and frustrates golfers.

AJW is NOT selling conversion kits to make existing putters into Surveying Instruments. The USGA has disallowed any markings on a putter other than for putterface alignment or decorative purposes. Even for just practice, any non-conforming marking on an existing putter would lack calibration needed for accuracy. If the crosshairs in your rifle's scope fell out, you would never think of gluing them back yourself!
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