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"Conforms with USGA Rules"
Decision 2012-650
Although 13 clubs account for 60% of ALL golf swings, 40% of ALL shots are hit with one club. That's right, the putter!  My P&SI-EGOS is the absolute best and most expensive club in my bag; as it SHOULD BE!
Walter Pendleton, Augusta GA
Andy, I've had the P&SI-EGOS for two weeks now and there isn't much else to say but thank you!  It's been two weeks of more consistent pars, more par saves, more birdies, more back to back birdies, and more long putts made then I would normally have in two or three seasons combined. That all equates to more fun on the golf course!  I also now know the frustration of lipping out putts and burning the edges of the cup consistently when I don't get my speed right. It's funny to think I could go from a pretty mediocre lag putter to a player who now expects to make putts without spending time practicing putting, but just using the P&SI-EGOS to properly read greens and putt while playing a round of golf.  If you ever invent something that would help chipping please let me know. 
Dave S., Iowa

Andrew, just giving my take on it.  The P&SI-EGOS putter has no bias. It accommodates any putting stroke whether you have an “out-to-in” stroke or straight back & straight through, or open to close; the putter adjusts to your putting style because of the 360° balance. It works for any feel regardless of preferences for face-balance or toe-hang.  Heck of a good putter….
Willie H, Augusta GA
Jason Day misses same putt as all others.  Not with P&SI-EGOS.

The P&SI-EGOS is a highly calibrated Surveying Instrument
The P&SI-EGOS is USGA conforming. (Decision #2012-650)
The P&SI-EGOS has lifetime SUPPORT for greenreading issues.
The P&SI-EGOS guarantees more putts made on the golf course.
The P&SI-EGOS has incredible feel from precision balancing.
  P&SI - Putting & Surveying Instrument
  EGOS - Expert Greenreading Operating System
Typical Misreads 
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Key talking points from The  SOLUTION video:
Notice with EGOS there’s no need for maps, no stemp, no foot-feeling, no staring from all sides, no looking for drainage routes, no crouching, no pacing off, and most importantly, NO WASTING time!  The EGOS takes snap-pic “angel/gap” reads that automatically correlate to a precise “direction & amount” of break.  EGOS is incredibly accurate even on SLIGHT breaking putts.

From PRACTICE GREEN calibration, combined with previous putts taken during the round, the line is known for the speed-you-like-to-hole-putts, all accounting for the course conditions at that moment. Yes Sir, that’s Expert Greenreading.  

Remember Expert Greenreading with EGOS is based on GRAVITY, which is to say they both always work. When there’s a bad greenread, it’s pilot error. Correcting pilot error may take a lesson or two, which is free for P&SI-EGOS owners. Then, when there’s NO doubt about your greenread, all focus is on the putting stroke as it should be. If everyone used the P&SI-EGOS, there would be no more dallying around reading greens and more putts will get made. 

Each P&SI-EGOS has it's own engraved PIN# to access "EGOS Owners" for video lessons & troubleshooting; plus Math proof.
Please consider 400+ years ago a putter was created to get the ball into the hole. Due to optical illusions on greens, the line is misread like in clip above, so it takes 2 or more strokes before getting the ball out of the hole. Verified by Owners, the P&SI-EGOS will eliminate ALL optical illusions, so can’t help but make more putts!  It’s Guaranteed, Quick, Supported and USGA conforming. Why have any other putter in the bag?  

Every week there are TV clips of misreads, but Henrik is so demonstrably shocked that it's a stellar example, so it leads.

I love this putter! I'll never have a need to purchase another putter. Everybody needs this putter as this would speed up play and make playing more enjoyable because using the EGOS builds confidence and you make more putts. Every golfer pro and amateur should get the benefits by making this their last putter purchase.
John M, MN
This is NOT Plumbobbing!

  • Plumbobbing has no math to back it up. Plumbobbing has no guarantees. Most that do it, can't explain what the heck they are doing.  Plumbobbing cannot read greens correctly EVERY single time and the Owners page shows why.

  • Using the P&SI-EGOS is called "Expert Greenreading" which guarantees an accurate, precise greenread EVERY single putt; and there's Math to prove it in the EGOS Owners page.
Henrik never sees right break at the hole. Stenson sees it with the P&SI-EGOS. 
Typical Testimonials:
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Here's what follows:
The ISSUE seen on TV every week.
The SOLUTION in GolfTips magazine.
The SOLUTION in video EGOS Lesson.
The TOOL to implement SOLUTION.
The Challenge to Pros
Confidence Levels will skyrocket knowing exact lines for your   “preferred” speed to hole putts. Only a practiced “calibrated-for-that-day” stroke needs to be REPEATED before getting the ball out of the hole! 
Challenge to Pros
Transcript for Challenge to Pros video:
Sunday at the 2018 PGA at Bellerive on the 17th green, we start with leader Brooke Koepka misreading and missing a par putt which will be followed in a minute by his playing partner Adam Scott having a 6-ft “must-make” putt to go to the 18th tee only one shot behind. Kostis will be saying “Adam by his actions is not 100% certain about the read” but listen first to Kostis & McCord calling Adam’s putt “the Serious Moment” of this Major. Analysis of Adam’s putt follows.  

Adam has NO chance of holing this CRITICAL putt using Aimpoint. Neither would ANY Pro using whatever greenreading method they prefer. Why? Because Adam’s putt is an optical illusion, meaning it appears to break a little, yet it breaks a lot. Aimpoint won't rid of this illusion. Neither will staring-from-all-sides, neither will plumbobbing, neither will contour maps. Only Expert Greenreading Operating System, EGOS guarantees you will see the EXACT break for the speed you prefer to holes putts.  EGOS does this by putting the appropriate angle/gap in front of your eyes for every putt.  EGOS ALONE rids of all optical illusions on putting surfaces. It's proven in demos.  It's proven with patented Math.  It’s supported, get a bad read, we fix your Pilot Error.

So why isn’t EGOS on TV today? Pros have yet to be exposed to EGOS. Yet even exposure will need to overcome denial, Pay to Play and Tour Pro bias, like Adam believing Aimpoint works. Still it’s only a matter of time since most Pros won’t concede a greenreading advantage to the field.  

On TV every single week, Pros misread & miss putts. With P&SI-EGOS, you can hole those putts that the Pros miss; which means you can putt better than Pros. Amazing considering 40% of strokes during a round are putts. Really, putt better than Pros? Again, will prove it. I would like to invite any Pro on any Tour, (Mens, Ladies, Champions) from 150 yards out to hit the ball onto the green. Then the Pro and I will putt out using the same ball one at a time, no observing the other putting. Do same on all 18 greens. EGOS will have lesser putts EVERYTIME and the golf course matters not. Anytime, anywhere, any Tour Pro including caddy, again it matters not. The golfer using EGOS will have lesser putts EVERY time.

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